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Scope of Dual SIM Phones in India

It's the convenience of having two phones in one. Dual SIM phones are quite popular in India and hence have one of the largest Dual SIM mobile phone markets of the world. Users get many advantages by using a phone that comes with active Dual SIM feature. The world leading brands like Samsung, Nokia and Motorola dominate this segment of the market as well. And the Dual SIM mobile prices in India can be categorized in many parts ranging from downright cheap to very pricey.

With Dual SIM, a phone becomes more versatile. Users get to use two different service providers and get the benefits of various cost reducing plans offered by each carrier. They get the opportunity to separate their work account from their home account without using a different phone. They get to save professional numbers on one SIM and personal on the other and receive separate bills for each SIM. Thus, finding it easier to keep a check on their calling activities.
These phones are also beneficial when traveling. When in another state, users can use a different SIM without having to lose their data on the previous SIM. They can simply make use of the local call rates by using a different SIM and fetch phone numbers and other important data from another SIM. They save time, effort and of course money by using different pricing plans to pay least for data usage.

The best thing about dual SIM phones is that they bring such extra value without much expenses. All the leading brands bring low-end phones as well as smartphones with Dual SIM capabilities. Samsung Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is one of the most popular Dual SIM phones with GSM and CDMA which is an Android phone and is priced Rs.11,690. Another Android based Dual SIM smartphones are HTC Desire V which is available for Rs.20,499, Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 for Rs. 16,900, Micromax Canvas 2 for Rs. 10,399, Micromax Ninja 3 A57 for Rs. 4,750 and more.

Other popular Dual SIM phones in India with lesser prices include feature phones. They come with basic multimedia features like FM radio, Mp3 players, camera with video recording, simple tools, web surfing and others. Samsung Metro DUOS C3322 is a great feature phone with Dual SIM and costs only Rs. 3,150. Other similar phones are Motorola EX212 priced Rs. 3700, Nokia Asha 305 priced Rs. 4580, Nokia Asha 200 priced Rs. 4,050 and Samsung Metro DUOS C3322 for Rs. 3150.

And the low-end Dual SIM mobiles with prices lower than two grands are mostly offered by Indian brands like Micromax X291 for Rs. 1,910, Karbonn K101 for Rs. 939, Micromax X263 for Rs. 1735, Spice M-4262 for Rs. 999 and others. So, those who are looking for a phone that enables them to separate your personal and professional calls all the while reducing the data costs, they must opt for the Dual SIM mobiles.

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