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World Clock For Blogger

Today I am writing about world clock. Clock is widely uses by blogger in there blog but mostly they are showing system or local time but this clock can be show any time zone around the world. With this code you can show world clock in your blog.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

Note : Don't Remove or Change Code

Enjoy World clock.

Show 25 Recent Posts Gadget

Again I am writing on same topic but this is something difference from my last post about Make Animated Blog Archive. This tutorial is some thing different because this feature is now coming with blogger, so it’s an easy to use and also it's working fast.

Now see how you can add this gadget.

Sidebar shift bottom

What's your blog Sidebar also shift bottom in opera, mozilla firefox or in IE and you can't do any think. No We have solution for fix your sidebar on top. Just you have change some code and your blog sidebar will not appear on down.

Try to add float value to the sidebar..
Find this

Add Background Image in Blog Post

One Blogger ask me question "how to add an image as background in my blogger blog. ?"
and my Answer is Read you template code and crack this answer. you can also try to do something different from other blogger. Ok read my Background Image Post and Try to Change Background Image in your Blog.

First upload your image to some image host like tinypic,photobucket,etc..
Next, you have to add this code to your body css..
add this code below #body { Your background image will not move while you scroll up and down the page.

Post One Article in More then One Blog

If you have more then one blog and want to Post same article in another blog what you are doing if you have to post one article in more blog. It’s so simple and I think this is a new experience for all blogger and you can also handle more then one blog at a time so try posting one article in more then one blog.

Biggest blogging mistek

What would you say is the biggest blogging crime a blogger could commit? To name but a few there are pop ups, auto-plays, too much blink or ads and unoriginal, generic or plagiarized content.

I'd say my absolute worst has to be bad spelling. I can understand grammatical mistakes - my best friend V often looks at me witheringly and suggests that people who do not know the proper use of the semi-colon should not be using it at all (at which point I giggle and use them anyway). The thing is, grammar is often hard to pick up in a spell checker, whereas spelling is not.

99 Way to BOOST your blog traffic

Try 99 Tips for Improve your Blog Hits.

1. Join and Post your all post.
2. Sign up for Technorati and ping it when your blog content changes.
3. Use a ping service like pingomatic to ping RSS aggregators.
4. Submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories.
5. Use trackbacks.

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