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Show Recent Comments Widget

When we publish a new article on blog then we all desire are the same. More and more readers read these Articles and also give Comments. More Comment from the visitor gets more enthusiasm to writers. What readers want to comment shows. Show this comment in your blog. This is a simple way to show Comment on Blog. Just follow some steps and put Comment widget on your blog. Fill all required information on Comment widget generator, generate HTML code and put HTML code in your blog. If you found any problem contact us.

1. Login to blogger then go to "Layout"

2. Click on Add a Gadget

3. Just click on HTML/Javascript Then insert the script in it.

Menu Generator For Blog

Sometimes I'm on someone else's Blog They Contain good information and I want to read but the problem comes behind - how can I choose the Article. We have only one option through Blog Archive. But Through Blog Archive it’s taken long time to clink on every week or month’s tab and check the article. This is better than that close the Blog and Search through Search Engine. For all these process we lost our one visitor. I have one good tip for stay your visitors on your blog and Categories your article. Which is attractive for your blog and Visitors can easily select article they spend lots of time on your blog and you will satisfied with your work. Try this.

Blog Meta tag Generator

Information: Meta tag Generator tool for Blog. Simply type information about your blog into the box below, and then click the button Create tag. Our Meta tag Generator wills Generate Meta tag for your blog simply copy and Generated Meta tag and paste it below head tag.

Animated Calendar For Blog

Who has not wanted to see his blog Attractive? May be all want, but you know, we have to pay cost for make our blog beautiful. We don’t know but we pay price for it. I don’t want more discuss on this topic. But at least you will know that your Blog has slowed. Your Blog has been so beautiful in appearance but it has become little more than slow. The reason you find yourself. Today I will tell you about a calendar. We are always using calendar in Blog for look our blog attractive. This calendar will not slow down your Blog. This is an Animated Calendar with Slide show. It’s kept your blog fast and beautiful. So what are you thinking Select one Calendar copy given code and use in your blog.

List of Top Blog Directory

What you can do for Blog Hits. Difficult Question but I think blogger can do anything for blog hits. We are spending lots of time everyday for our blog hits. But how much benefit for spending our time, Very low, Then We think, there is any way where we can get lots of Hits. Sometimes, we see our friend's Blog He gets lots of Hits. We feel jealous. We think my blog can also get Hits like my friends blog. But how, ask to friend about successes story of blog hits. But shame comes to ask about Story of hits. Negative Impact will come in front of friends Circle. No matter I am telling how blogger gets lots of hits per day. For boost our blog hits we are using Blog Directory. Which gives us advantage for our blog hits. I am telling you about some blog directory. It’s can be makes one successes story for your blog Hits. Try to get success. Click on given link and add your blog in blog directory.
Blog Ranking
BOTW Blog Directory
iBlog Business Directory
rss network
Small Business Blog Directory
The Weblog Review

Add Merlin in your blog

What is Merlin?

Merlin is a windows toy is generally uses in Windows based programming Language like Visual basic for display Animation Character with one Talking agent.
We can also add Merlin in our blog. It's help visitors to guide and provide on line help. Try Merlin on your blog or web site and please give me feedback because I want to improve and add some other Characters.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

<OBJECT id=wolfi classid=CLSID:D45FD31B-5C6E-11D1-9EC1-00C04FD7081F>&gt;</OBJECT>
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>
function LoadLocalAgent(CharID, CharACS) {
LoadReq = wolfi.Characters.Load(CharID, CharACS);
var MerID;
var MerACS;
wolfi.Connected = true;
MerlinLoaded = LoadLocalAgent(MerID, MerACS);
Merlin = wolfi.Characters.Character(MerID);
hi dear
Merlin.MoveTo (250,250);
Merlin.Play("Blink"); Merlin.Play("Blink");
Welcome to Blog tips and
Merlin.Play("Blink"); Merlin.Play("Confused");
Enjoy New Blog Tricks
Merlin.speak("created by");
<font face="Arial"><a target="_blank" href=""><span style="font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: blink">Blog Tips and Tricks</span></a></font>

Note :- Change all Red mark Text into your own Comments and Don't Change any other Code.

Current Date and time on Blog

Some blogger want to put current date and time on blog they ask me, How to Put Current Date and Time? After this Question I am posting this post about current Date and time on Blog. Nicely Design code for your blog, you can also modify this code as per your choice but don’t change Script. Try this

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

<div align="left">
<table border="1" width="190"><tr>
<td bg width="180">
<font >Today Date is <script type="text/javascript">
var currentTime = new Date()
var month = currentTime.getMonth() + 1
var day = currentTime.getDate()
var year = currentTime.getFullYear()
document.write(month + "/" + day + "/" + year)
<div align="left"><table border="1" ><tr>
<td bgcolor="#008000" width="179">
<font color="#FF0000">Current Time is <script type="text/javascript">
var currentTime = new Date()
var hours = currentTime.getHours()
var minutes = currentTime.getMinutes()
if (minutes < 10){
minutes = "0" + minutes
document.write(hours + ":" + minutes + " ")
if(hours > 11){
} else {
<center><font size="1" color="#FF0000"><b><a href="" target="_blank">Add
<p align="center"><center>

Forward and Back button for Blog

Give your blog new look add Forward and Back button in blog and give your blog web site look . Add given code below of blog or upper part of the blog and enjoy with new blog look.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

<a href="javascript:history.back()"><p align="left"><img src="" border="0" alt="Back" /></a>
<a href="javascript:history.forward()"><img src="" border="0" alt="Forward" /></a>

Set as Home Page Code For Blog

You can set it as your home page. That way, it will appear every time you start Internet Explorer. Set as Home Page Code is help full for make your blog popular if you updating your blog frequently and visitors always open your blog. Try Set as Home Page.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

style="CURSOR: hand; font-decoration: underline"
href="\" class="chlnk"
<img Src="" width="98" height="16"></a>

Print this Page Code For Blog

Print this Page is also a nice script code for blog this code helps you if your visitors want to take print and keep records, notes of your valuable article.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

<script language="Javascript1.2">
function printWindow(){
browserVersion = parseInt(navigator.appVersion)
if (browserVersion >= 4) window.print()
// -->
<a href="javascript:printWindow()"><img Src="" width="98" height="16"></a>

Bookmark Us Code for Blog

Add Bookmark Us link in your blog and keep the connection between new and old blog visitors. Follow some given steps and give your blog new look.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript (Copy given code below and Paste it)

<script language="JAVASCRIPT" type="TEXT/JAVASCRIPT">
var url = "
var title = "
Make Blog like Web Site
function makeLink(){
<a href="javascript:makeLink()">
<img Src="" width="98" height="16"></a>

Note :- Don't Modify any Code. Change and Make Blog like Web Site

Save your Article from article thief

How can you protect yourself to thief who is stolen your Valuable article, he is not stolen your article thief is also stolen your time, your knowledge and most Impotent things is your blog hits. Try this Code for Protect Your Blog from article thief after using this code your blog and your article will be safe from Plagiarize, theft (Copy Paste).

Copy given code below

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript

Download Code(Use Save As)

Add Answer box in your blog

AnswerBoxes - Add the search box anywhere on blog and give your blog to professional look and make quick information available on blog. Enable blog visitors to directly access information on over 4 million topics with an AnswerBox.

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript



Make Animated Blog Archive

Length of the Blog Archive material are increased several times so that the readers to see him constantly have to scroll it. But we have some option to make Blog Archive fit on a small windows and we can see all blog archive in once at a time without using any scrollbar. It’s a nicely coded Script using for fit your Blog Archive in Small Box with Marquee Animation.

Code 1

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript

<marquee scrollamount="2"
direction="up" loop="true"><script language="JavaScript"
type="text/javascript"></script><noscript><a href="">View
RSS feed</a></noscript>

Code 2 (If you bring your mouse over the content will stop.)

Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript

<marquee onmouseover="this.stop();" onmouseout="this.start();"scrollamount="2" direction="up" loop="true">
<script language="JavaScript" src="
bloghacktips" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript><a
bloghacktips">View RSS feed</a></noscript>

Add any one code of them.
Note:- Change to your own blog url.

How to install a Blogger Classic Template

Make sure you have backed up your template before installing a new one.

1. Open and copy the code (Ctrl A: Select All, Ctrl C: Copy)
2. Go to your Blogger Control Panel - Edit HTML
3. Revert to Classic Template (You can return whenever you want)
4. Paste the code into the Template area (Ctrl A: Select All, Ctrl V: Paste)
5. Save template (click Save Template Changes)

How to install a Blogger XML template

Make sure you have backed up your template before installing a new one.

1. Download/Save the XML file on your hard disk or flashdisk.
2. Go to your Blogger Control Panel - Edit HTML
3. Browse the XML file you have saved and upload it.

Embedded Comment box in Blog

What is your problem is your blogger blog. When you Moves from Wordpress blogger you also want some same facilities like wordpress is in blogger. But you can’t found it in blogger. People like us also breaking some Idea with makes blogger Beautiful, Comfort user friendly.
In this Blog tips you can found Embedded Comment box (Comment box below the Post) this is also a nice tips for Blogger try it in your blog, Thanks.

Make secure Comment is Enable in your blog. If it’s not Enable follow the above given Image for Enable your Comment in your Blog.

1. Logine in your blog through Blogger in draft.
2. Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML>Expand Widget Templates
3. Search given code below

4. Paste given code just below above code.

5. Save your Template and Check your blog with new Interface.

Highlight Your Article

If you want to highlight your Some Part of your article in
If you want to highlight your Some Part of your article in your blog you have to use Highlighter.
your blog you have to use Highlighter. It is convenient for readers and also its make your blog beautiful and People will impress with your writing Style. Follow some steps for make your Article beautiful.

1. Write a new post.
2. Copy given code below and add your part of article you want to Highlight in given place in between code.

<div style="width:200px;height:100px;float: right;border-top: 1px solid #000; border-bottom: 2px solid #000; padding: 5px;">Add
Your Part of Article You Want to highlight

Hide Blog Navbar

Open dashboard select the blog on which hack is to be implemented
move on to the layout and select edit HTML

Now press Ctrl+F and search for

Place the following code just below this line and save the template.

Though the navbar is completely CSS , hiding them has a little SEO value as you can avoid the encounter of crawler with "login to blogger" and other links on navbar (Got this idea from another blog)

Show Related article in your Blog

How nice that as soon as your blog readers to read any article, it immediately all those related article also get information. These related blog posts are called Hindi and tips on every post at the end of them you can see. The "Read Related Article" as you must have been visible.

Note Related post shows the post with a label is required.
Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML>Expand Widget Templates

Search Given Code Below
Copy Entire Code give below and paste below it.

Click Here For Code (Use Save target as)

Save them to your article four related bottom of the post will come watch, on which the label do you have. No Related Article will show you having only one label.

What is a Blog ?

As defined by Wikipedia

"A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasianlly speeled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). Although most early weblogs were manually updated, tools to automate the maintenance of such sites made them accessible to a much larger population, and the use of some sort of browser-based software is now a typical aspect of 'blogging'. "

For me, a weblog or blog is a website designed to be able to update regularly and it is similar to a personal journal or diary, expect that the contents are viewable for public. Weblog often implement using software or public host server with pre-install weblog application. Weblog contain articles or entries that are grouped primarily by the date and time when it is posted.

They are people do make some distiction between an online journal and a weblog, where a journal tends to be author centric and a weblog tends to be the author's exprerience, observation and a 'log' of what he or she want to tell.

However, whether someone is either 'journaling' or 'blogging' is actually totally up to the author. This is because there are no rules being set for blogging.

The Beginning of Blogging

Don't know why, don’t know when even don’t know how blogs have been part of many people's life in the world. Ok, maybe nobody needs a blog or weblog but if someone would like to have a website that focus on particular topic and that person would like to update the website regularly then a blog or weblog may be the ideal and the most simple approach for the website.

After all, blogs can be a tool or just like a diary that can expressing yourself, telling people your experiences, bookmark important events as they happen even as your money making tools (you better believe it that blog can make money). There are many blogs with different contents in the web. Some of the blog are about personal life, some are about current news and most of them are focus on hobbies and personal interest. If you think you might have lots of story to tell others or express then you must have a blog. Is a must!

Blogs are direct and expressive. They are personal and unique. Blogs come with uniform presentation and contents oriented and topic focused thus people always refer it as 'Sticky'.

Tips to improve your blog

Blogging tips to improve your blog. To create a good web blog just write out the thoughts that come into your mind and before you know it you'll be blogging away to beat the band.

1. Choose an updating tool that is easy to use. Try out several services. Some are free, some cost a little money, but don't commit to a tool until you have had a chance to try it out. Pick the one that works best for you.

2. Determining your purpose. Weblogs are used to filter all kinds of information, organize businesses, share family news, establish professional reputations, foment social change, and muse about the meaning of life. Knowing what you hope to accomplish with your weblog will allow you to begin in a more focused way.

3. Knowing your intended audience. You conduct yourself very differently with your friends than you do with professional associates, strangers, customers, or your grandmother. Knowing for whom you are writing will allow you to adopt an appropriate tone.

4. Be real. Even a professional weblog can be engaging. Avoid marketese. Speak in a real voice about real things.

5. Write about what you love. A weblog is the place for strong opinions, whether about politics, music, social issues, gardening, or your profession. The more engaged you are with your subject, the more interesting your writing will be.

6. Update frequently. Interested readers will return to your site if there is likely to be something new. You needn't update every day, but try to post several times a week.

7. Establish your credibility. To the best of your ability, be truthful. Be respectful to your audience and to your fellow bloggers. Understand that on the Internet, your words may live forever, whether they are self-published or archived on another site. In the Weblog Handbook, I propose a set of Weblog Ethics; think about your own standards, and then adhere to them.

8. Linking to your sources. The Web allows a transparency that no other medium can duplicate. When you link to a news story, an essay, a government document, a speech, or another blogger's entry, you allow your readers access to your primary material, empowering them to make informed judgements.

9. Link to other weblogs. Your readers may enjoy being introduced to the weblogs you most enjoy reading. The Web is a democratic medium and bloggers amplify each other's voices when they link to each other. Generously linking to other weblogs enlarges the grassroots network of information sharing and social alliances we create together on the Web.

10. Be patient. Most weblog audiences are small, but with time and regular updates your audience will grow. You may never have more than a few hundred readers, but the people who return to your site regularly will come because they are interested in what you have to say.

Blog Search Engine Submission Tool

Our Wizard will take you step by step and let submit your site to 21 major search engines.

Enter your URL and E-mail below, select the search engines you want and click on Submit. You will receive an email confirming the submission.

WARNING: Do not re-submit your site too frequently (spamming) !!! Many search engines will block your site if you attempt to re-register too often.

NOTE: Register your site every 3 - 4 weeks or when you make significant changes to your site.
NOTE: If your website has not been designed for maximum search engine appeal, then the chances of it receiving a high ranking are very small. It is wise to evaluate your Meta Tags and content before submitting to the major search engines. You may do this yourself or Contect Us for improve your rankings!
FREE Site Submission!
Add Free Site Submitter to Your Website - Click Here!
Default EnginesAdditional Engines
Abacho (.de)
Acoon (.de)

Meta Tag Analyzer Tool For Blog

Meta tags aren't seen by your human visitors, unless they view your page source (HTML code). But, the search engine robots do seek out your meta tags. That's why you need to pay attention to your tags. It is important to have well made meta tags because they can help increase your placement on search engines. Our Free Online Meta Tag Analyzer and Validator will examine the meta tags found on your web page!
Instructions: Simply type your site's URL address into the box below, and then click the button. Our Meta Tag Analyzer will Analyse your web site Meta tags using the similar spider technology as the search engines.
NOTE: If your website has not been designed for maximum search engine appeal, then the chances of it receiving a high ranking are very small. It is wise to evaluate your Meta Tags and content before submitting to the major search engines.

Meta Tag Analyzer

Check your meta tags!example:

User Agent*(optional)

Please enter the access code as displayed above.
Access code

Check Your Blog Search Engine Ranking

Check to see if your website has any positions in the major search engines for your specific search term. It reports the existance of your website (in the first five results pages) across all major search engines and directories.
Instructions: Enter your URL and E-mail below, then enter one or more keywords or phrases that represent the topic of the associated web page. The Search Engine Ranker will search the leading engines and create a report detailing whether the site is found and at which position.

FREE Search Engine Ranker!
Your Url:
All Major Search Engines:

Link popularity checking tool For Blog

link popularity checking tool. How popular is your Blog? How many people are linking to you (aka backlinks or external links).

With this tool you can check the link popularity for any given page - just enter the URL in the box below. You will see how many links has been already "noticed" by the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alltheweb & Hotbot.

Link Popularity Check

How popular is your website?
example: or

URL: 1
URL: 2 *
URL: 3 *
Exclude your domain from result.
Send report to an e-mail address (optional).
Send in HTML format.

Please enter the access code as displayed above.
Access code

Search engine optimization tool For Blog

Search engine optimization tool for to check how many pages from the search engines index your domain. Search Engine Saturation refers to the number of pages from your blog domain a search engine has indexed. This Tool Helps you to increase your Traffic and makes your blog more popular

Check Your Blog
Search Engine Saturation Check
How many pages from your domain are indexed by the search engines?example: or
URL: 1
URL: 2 *
URL: 3 *

Send report to an e-mail address (optional).
Send in HTML format.

Please enter the access code as displayed above.

Access code

keyword suggestion tool For Blog

keyword suggestion tool help your blog rank higher in the search engines. which keywords you should be targeting to increase your blog rankings, blog traffic, and blog profit. keyword suggestion tool will help you with the choosing of the right keywords for your blog. You can see which keyword combinations are more popular. Choosing the right keywords is critical for a success of a Blog. Target the wrong keywords and you have lost.

Search Keyword For Your Blog

Keyword Suggestion Tool

What are your related keywords? Keyword

Please enter the access code as displayed above.
Access code

Google PageRank (PR) For Blog

What is Google PageRank?
How Can I Check My Blog Pagerank?
Google PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is also called the PageRank of E and denoted by PR(E).
How Google ranks the pages?
Sites' positions in our search results are determined based on a number of factors designed to provide end-users with helpful, accurate search results.

Check Your Page Rank

PageRank Check

Check your website Google PageRank!URLs (one url a line)

Please enter the access code as displayed above.

Access code

Read more..function Code for beta blogger template

Read more....... function also know as Post Summary or expandable post summaries.
Using this trick I am posting article about expandable post summaries or Read More.. Or Post Summary… Hack. This is few line of code. It’s also help full for those who is writing very long article. Actually after using this Hack you can show maximum number of Article on your first page.

Instrection For Read more Function.

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML>Expand Widget Templates

Search below given code.


and just below that paste this code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><strong>Read more...</strong></a></p>

Save Your Template

Followe next Step


<span class="fullpost">

Paste above code in Post Template text Box. Save and Open you blog with read more Function.

Note:- This code is for new blogger template (beta) and does not work at classic template.

How Much You Know about Your Blog Feed

What is a Blog feed?

A site feed is a machine-readable representation of your blog that can be picked up and displayed on other web sites and information aggregation tools.

How Can I create Blog Feed?

FeedBurner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Our Web-based tools help bloggers.

Know about Your Blog Feed

Full Blog feed
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Comments-only Blog feed
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Label-specific Blog feed
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Individual Blog post comment feed
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Yahoo! Buzz Button on Your Blog

The Web's most remarkable stories, determined by people like us. Stories are ranked based on your votes, emails, and searches.
Choose the desired button and Code from Yahoo! Buzz Copy give Script Code.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""
badgetype="square"> ARTICLEURL </script>

Replace the ARTICLEURL with . After replaced, your code will look like this

<script type="text/javascript" src=""

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > Expand Widget Templates

Search Given Code below


We will add style to the button to make it float to the right look at my blog. Append above code with given below.

<div style='float:right;padding:5px;'><script badgetype='square' src=''


Save your template and Check your blog with Yahoo! Buzz Button

Ad in Middle of Post For Beta Blogger

If you put you ad between any articles this can be increase your earnings. How can? Very Simple

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > Expand Widget Templates


Append the above code with the code given below.

<div expr:id='"aim1" +'></div>
<div style="clear:both; margin:10px 0">

<!-- Your AdSense code here -->
<div expr:id='"aim2" +'>
<script type="text/javascript">
var obj0=document.getElementById("aim1<>");
var obj1=document.getElementById("aim2<>");
var s=obj1.innerHTML;
var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2);
var r=t.lastIndexOf(" ");
if(r>0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1);}

Save Template
Note :- <!-- Your AdSense code here --> Must Replace this Code with Your Adsense Code
Only uses for Beta Blogger

Recent Comments Widget For Blogger

Add Recent Comments Widget to your Blogger Blog. This widget will display the recent comments on Blogger blogs. This is an excellent widget. If you add this widget its help you and visitero if they want to see your blog comment.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add a Page Element > HTML/JavaScript

Copy and paste the code below:

<script style="text/javascript">
function showrecentcomments(json) {
var numcomments = 5;
var showcommentdate = true;
var showposttitle = true;
var numchars = 100;
for (var i = 0; i < numcomments; i++) {
var entry = json.feed.entry[i];
var alturl;
if (i == json.feed.entry.length) break;
for (var k = 0; k <; k++) {
if ([k].rel == 'alternate') {
alturl =[k].href;
alturl = alturl.replace("#", "#comment-");
var postlink = alturl.split("#");
postlink = postlink[0];
var linktext = postlink.split("/");
linktext = linktext[5];
linktext = linktext.split(".html");
linktext = linktext[0];
var posttitle = linktext.replace(/-/g," ");
posttitle =;
var commentdate = entry.published.$t;
var cdyear = commentdate.substring(0,4);
var cdmonth = commentdate.substring(5,7);
var cdday = commentdate.substring(8,10);
var monthnames = new Array();
monthnames[1] = "Jan";
monthnames[2] = "Feb";
monthnames[3] = "Mar";
monthnames[4] = "Apr";
monthnames[5] = "May";
monthnames[6] = "Jun";
monthnames[7] = "Jul";
monthnames[8] = "Aug";
monthnames[9] = "Sep";
monthnames[10] = "Oct";
monthnames[11] = "Nov";
monthnames[12] = "Dec";
if ("content" in entry) {
var comment = entry.content.$t;}
if ("summary" in entry) {
var comment = entry.summary.$t;}
else var comment = "";
var re = /<\S[^>]*>/g;
comment = comment.replace(re, "");
if (showcommentdate == true) document.write('On ' + monthnames[parseInt(cdmonth,10)] + ' ' + cdday + ' ');
document.write('<a href="' + alturl + '">' +[0].name.$t + '</a> commented');
if (showposttitle == true) document.write(' on ' + posttitle);
if (comment.length < numchars) {
comment = comment.substring(0, numchars);
var quoteEnd = comment.lastIndexOf(" ");
comment = comment.substring(0, quoteEnd);
document.write(comment + '...<a href="' + alturl + '">(more)</a>');
<script src="
</script><a href=""><img

Note -src=”
Replace the blog address (indicated in color pink) with your own blog feed address.

Add Digg Buttom To Blog Post

How To Add Digg Button To Blog Post? Is there an easy way to add the digg button on my blog and every post? How to add Digg Button in Every Post of Blogger's Blog?

What are the uses of dig button?
This all are Question. answer is given below
Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. After adding digg button you can share you article around the world and its increase your blogs traffic. Now learn about Adding the Digg Button.

* Login to Blogger Account.
* Click on Layout.
* Click on HTML (See Below Red Mark on Image)

* Download Full Template (Must Do this)
* Click on Expand Widget Templates check Box.
* Find below given code in you Edit Template Code.


* Delete the code above and alter with following code :

<!-- DIGG -->
<div style='float:right; margin-left:10px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
digg_url = '<data:post.url/>';
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

* Save Your Work and Open Your Blog With New Digg Button

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page Source Code For Blogger

Blogger can also add Frequently Asked Quesions page in there blog. Frequently Asked Quesions page Source Code will help you create a Frequently Asked Quesions page (FAQ) with up to 10 questions. Additional questions and answers can be added to the page by adding some code. Change size of FAQ windows and Change all Question and add your question and Answer.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.

<script language="JavaScript">
function showFAQ(form)
{form.answer.value=form.question.options[form.question.selectedIndex].value;} // -->
<div align="center">
<form name="faqform">
<div align="center"><font size="4">Frequently Asked Questions</font></div>
<div style="width: 890; height: 468" align="center">
<select onchange="javascript:showFAQ(this.form);" style="width:780px; border-width:2; border-color:#aaaaaa; font-weight:bold;" name="question" size="1">
<option value="Select a question from the drop down menu above."/>Select a Question
<option value="Demo Answer 1"/>Demo Questin 1
<option value="Demo Answer 2"/>Demo Questin 2
<option value="Demo Answer 3"/>Demo Questin 3
<option value="Demo Answer 4"/>Demo Questin 4
<option value="Demo Answer 5"/>Demo Questin 5
</select><p><textarea rows="20" cols="20" style="width:780px; border-width:3; border-color:#aaaaaa;" name="answer" wrap="virtual">Select a question from the drop down menu above</textarea>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">
<img alt="Blog Tips" width="84" src="" height="18"/>

Note :- Don't Change Code

Drop down menu with a GO Button JavaScript Code For Blog

Create a drop down menu (also simply called a "dropdown") with a GO button. Drop down menu is an extremely powerful drop-down menu solution. It's useful for your Blog or Web page packing a lot of links into a small space.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.

<form name="Menu">
<select name="menu">
<option value="">Blog Tips</a>
<option value="">Yahoo!</a>
<option value="">Google</a>
<input type="button" onClick="[].value;" value="GO!">

Note :- Change red mark link with your own link

Auto updating copyright script For Blog and Web Site

Auto updating copyright script For Blog and Web Site. Keep your copyright current with this script, Here is of your auto updating copyright script for your blog or web site. Paste it inthe document where you want your copyright notice to appear.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"

2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"

3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.

4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.

<script language="JavaScript">
function y2k(number) { return (number < 1000) ?number + 1900 : number; }
var today = new Date();
var year = y2k(today.getYear());
document.write('© '+year+' - All Rights Reserved');
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>


Typewriter text animation Javascript Code

Typewriter text animation is a Windows compatible simple javascript Code. This Code is ready for Blog. Add this text animation and make your blog beautiful.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.
<script language="JavaScript">
var max=0;
function textlist()
for (i=0; i<max; i++)
tl=new textlist
"Welcome in","Visit our Blog for More tips","This is Typewriter Text Scroller","Change this Code with your own");
var x=0; pos=0;
var l=tl[0].length;
function textticker()
if(pos++==l) { pos=0; setTimeout("textticker()",1000); x++;
if(x==max) x=0; l=tl[x].length; } else
<form style="margin:0;" name="tickform"><input style="border-style:none;" name="tickfield" size="40" type="text"/></form>
<script language="javascript">textticker();</script> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

Match Your Love Code For Blog

We hope that this matchmaking tool will help you to find your meaningful relationship, even a long-lasting marriage. Want to Add this Code in Your
Blog Ok Download this Code in text file open it copy and paste it on your blog.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.

Download Love Match Code

Use right click and Choose Save Target As

Add Calendar in Blog and For Web Site

How to Add Calendar to Blog. If You thinking about it Your problum is Solve Now. I am given Java Script Code Just copy it in your blog or Web Site and it's ready to show Calendar in your Blog or Web Site.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.
Note :- Don't Modify or Change Any Code.

Download Calendar Code

For Download Use Right Click and Save As Code.

Close the browser with a button in your Blog

If you're looking for a JavaScript code that will enable you to close a window with a button, this JavaScript code may be your answer.

This JavaScript code provides a great way for your visitors to close a window simply by clicking on a button. This is a great way to enable your visitors to close a tips window, instructions window or whatever you'd like.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.
<script language="JavaScript">
function closeIt() {
<input value=" Close Window" onclick="closeIt()" type="button"/>

Set as home page Code For Blog Or Web Site

Create a 'Set as home page' link. Use this code on your page or Blog and users can set your page as their homepage.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes.
<A class=chlnk
style="CURSOR: hand; font-decoration: underline"
href="\">set as your home page</A><br><font face="Tahoma">

Add current date in blog

Use this script to write the current date to your Blog or web page. Looks very professional. Another very neat effect - some great Scripting!In this post, I will show you how to add the current date to your blog so that you can apply this hack to that template and other templates as well.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"

2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"

3. Copy the code given below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.

4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes

<script type="text/javascript">
var mydate= new Date()
var theyear=mydate.getFullYear()
var themonth=mydate.getMonth()+1
var thetoday=mydate.getDate()
document.write("Today's date is: ")

Blog Pull Down Menu

This page describes the term pull-down menu, You can make it easier on our visitors to find their way around your site with the menu list. It seems every good site has one.... So, put one on your site!

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.
4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes

<script type="text/javascript">
function go()
<select id="menu" onchange="go()">
<option>--Select a page--</option>
<option value="">Blog Tips</option>
<option value="">Blog Tricks</option>
<option value="">Blog Design</option>


Note :- Change">Blog Design Code For Your Own link

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in Blog Code

How to Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in Blog. you can use this simple program that will allow you to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Follow Very Simple Steps.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "Layout"

2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"

3. Copy the code below and put it in the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" box.

4. Save Your Work and Refresh Your Blog For New Changes

<script type="text/javascript">
function convert(degree)
if (degree=="C")
F=document.getElementById("c").value * 9 / 5 + 32;
C=(document.getElementById("f").value -32) * 5 / 9;
<p></p><b>Insert a number into one of the input fields below:</b>
<input id="c" onkeyup="convert('C')" name="c"/> degrees Celsius<br/>
<input id="f" onkeyup="convert('F')" name="f"/> degrees Fahrenheit
<b>Code by <a href="" target="Blank">Blog Tips</a></b>

Note :- Don't Modify given Code.

Drop Down Menu on Blog

Create Drop Down Menu on Blog and without go button. follow some give step.

1. Login to Blogger then Chose "
2. Click on "Add page element" (chose where you want to put it) then chose "HTML/Javascript"
3. Copy the code below and put it in the "content" box.

Note :- Change "">Blog Tips" and put your own Menu and you can also add some more adding give code but don't forgat to change Blog Tips
4. Save tamplate

10 Most Valuable Tips for Blog Writing(Must Read)

Here I am writing about Most Valuable Tips for Blog Writing. If you follow these tips you will be a good blogger.

1. Use a clear headline, and don't be afraid to make bold statements (but don't mislead people either). Make it snazzy and use key words. Example: Ex-Techno-Weenie Masters HTML Code

2. Write like you talk. It's okay to use common expressions from speech.

3. Write with the reader in mind. Remember WIIFM? It's marketing jargon for What's In It For Me? That's what you should be keeping in mind. Your reader will read your post looking for what's in it for them.

4. Make it valuable and worthwhile. Don't waste people's time. If you don't have anything to say, no problem, plenty other people do. So share their articles, do an interview, review a book.

5. Write clearly (short sentences, only one concept per sentence). No double speak or jargon; no more than one idea in one sentence- don't make your readers have to think about your meaning. Spoon feed them. Use commas and dashes liberally.

6. Use keywords often. This will help you stay on purpose, and the search engines will love your blog. Your rankings will go up. This is one of the reasons we have you write out your purpose statements before beginning your blog. The clearer you are about your purpose, the more consistently you will deliver messages that are on target. And the more often your keywords show up, the better your search engine results.

7. Link often. This builds credibility and positions you as an expert in your field. People don't have time to know what others are doing, you should tell them. Linking to other blogs and websites also helps you build a network of associates who will in turn link to your blog.

8. Keep it lively, make it snappy and snazzy. Even if you aren't a natural born writer, you can write for your blog. Just write like you're speaking to your friend. or to yourself! Remember though, get to the point quickly. Keep in mind the journalist's rule of 5 W's in the first paragraph: who, what, why, when and where.

9. Proof-read for typos and glaring grammatical errors. You wouldn't go out of the house with dirty hair or missing a sock, so why would you publish spelling mistakes? Respect your readers by polishing up your stuff.

10. Keep it short and simple. Most people are scanners. You may have a lot to say and think it interesting, and it may be. But people are reading online and out of time. Get to the point quickly. Publishing short posts more frequently is a better format than publishing lengthy articles every few weeks.

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