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The Beginning of Blogging

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Don't know why, don’t know when even don’t know how blogs have been part of many people's life in the world. Ok, maybe nobody needs a blog or weblog but if someone would like to have a website that focus on particular topic and that person would like to update the website regularly then a blog or weblog may be the ideal and the most simple approach for the website.

After all, blogs can be a tool or just like a diary that can expressing yourself, telling people your experiences, bookmark important events as they happen even as your money making tools (you better believe it that blog can make money). There are many blogs with different contents in the web. Some of the blog are about personal life, some are about current news and most of them are focus on hobbies and personal interest. If you think you might have lots of story to tell others or express then you must have a blog. Is a must!

Blogs are direct and expressive. They are personal and unique. Blogs come with uniform presentation and contents oriented and topic focused thus people always refer it as 'Sticky'.

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