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How Mobile Monitoring Works on an Android Phone

The mobile market is now flooded with a lot of mobile monitoring apps that are exclusively built for Android smartphones. In fact, this mobile monitoring technology is the latest buzz! So, what is so enticing about this technology? Well, the Android monitoring technology has become so advanced that you can now secretly keep an eye on the phone of your kid, spouse, or employee. This is possible by installing one of the advanced monitoring apps for Android, which refers to a professional suite of utilities that are robust and intelligent enough to track all phone activities by working in the invisible mode.
How Mobile Monitoring Works on an Android Phone
Usually such technology is used by detective agencies. However today, it has become the preference of many mothers to protect their kids from risky activities as well as bosses to catch hold of employees for doing something illegal. Thanks to the easy installation process and invisible working mode, which have facilitated this technology to be an ideal security and data surveillance utility! So, have you ever wondered how mobile monitoring works on your Android smartphone?

The Working of a Mobile Monitoring App
Irrespective of the mobile monitoring app you choose, there is a 4-step mechanism that all the apps follow. The main function of all Android monitoring apps such as Mobile Spy, Mobistealth and others is to record all the events and activities that take place on the Android phone, and then upload them to your protected online account accessible via the Internet. Listed below are the steps that illustrate the working of mobile monitoring software, starting right from your subscription.
  1. You purchase a suitable mobile monitoring app from its official site, download it directly on the Android phone, and configure its setting according to your requirements. You will have to access the phone only one time for installation after which there will be no need to do so.
  2. The app starts working in the stealth or invisible mode and records everything that occurs on the phone in the form of logs.
  3. The app now silently uploads the informational logs to the secured servers that are remotely located. The logs are totally encrypted during the transmission so that nobody can view or hack them.
  4. You now log on to the online account from any device that offers Internet connection to view all the logs at anytime. This means that you can remotely keep an eye on the target Android phone without touching it.
Your online account is usually a control panel where you can view and access all the Android phone activity logs. In some apps like Mobile Spy, this panel is completely live, which means that you can access the target phone’s screen in real time. This is another exciting feature of mobile monitoring through which you can remotely control the Android phone. 

Activities that Mobile Monitoring Can Record
You will mostly get to see the following activities via your online account:
Calls made and received
Contacts list
Text messages received and sent
Sites browsed
The current GPS location
Video or images captured from the camera
Downloads from the Internet
Apps used
In this way, you can now monitor the Android phones irrespective of yours’ or phone’s location.

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4 Helpful Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

If you have had your computer for a long time, you would have noticed that it’s not as fast as it was when you first had it. There are a lot of things that can cause your computer to deteriorate in terms of speed. However, it doesn’t always mean that you need to replace it with a new one already. There are ways in which you can boost the speed of your computer.

4 Helpful Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

1. Spyware and adware scanners – computers that are connected to the internet are at risk of getting spyware and adware. These are programs that are sent by some websites to your computer when you have surfed through their site. They can eat up the memory by running in the background and internet usage, slowing down your computer as well as your internet connection. The worst thing about these malicious programs is that they can take note of things that you do with your computer and said it back to their main site.

Installing spyware and adware scanners can help detect this type of software in your system and notify you of any infection. They will also help boost your computer by removing any threat found.

2. Regularly clean computer registry – the computer registry is where configurations, settings and keys of different programs are located. This includes system files and other items that make your computer and other installed programs run.  In time, it can be filled up with obsolete keys and damaged files, which may have been left behind by uninstalled programs, adware and/or spyware. Any damage in your computer registry can affect the performance of your computer.
Installing a registry cleaner can help sort out files that are no longer needed in the registry, like obsolete keys and other items, and remove them. It will also repair damaged parts in your registry to ensure optimal computer function. We recommend using <a href="">RegCare</a> to run a free scan and fix those errors.

3. Regularly defrag hard drives – normally, your computer stores fragmented files in its hard drives. This means files are saved by parts and not as a whole. The parts of these files are placed in different areas in the hard drive, slowing down your computer when you need to access these files. When fragmented files pile up, it would take much longer for your computer to find the parts needed and will even result to errors.
Defragmenting involves running a system tool in your computer, which helps organize the parts of different files, placing them adjacent to each other. This allows easier and faster access to the needed files. Make sure to defrag your hard drives regularly.

4. Uninstall unused programs and delete unnecessary files – unused files and programs still occupy space in your computer’s memory. The more files you have, the slower your computer will get. It would be wise to sort your files and removes ones that you no longer need. This can free up significant disk space to improve the speed of your computer.

Guest Post By : Dan Despot
Web Site : RegCare

What People Should Know About Android

Ever since the launch of the smartphone operating system Android, it has eaten marketshares so rapidly that many people thought it was owned and operated by either Mark Lazaridis or Steve Jobs. Back in 2011, Android has already owned 29% of the market share, surpassing the Apple iOS and RIM BlackBerry based on the Nielsen Company.

The Edge for Android Developers
Apple secures propriety on its technologies which easily shows in its developer community.  This means that developers working for Apple will need to go through a lot of standard operating procedures and processes in order to get the job done and on top of that, get Jobs’ approval on the matter.
Android, on the other hand, utilizes an open source development process in which a person developing applications for the brand will not have to go through many hoops which can hinder its progress. The apps are easily admitted into the Android Market which can then be purchased by users through wireless Internet connectivity.
Some people argue that the quality on the apps that Apple have are higher due to their approach in developing them and even though this may be the truth, the talent pool of the brand is slowly declining as many developers are already giving their talents in making Android apps which is far less complicated.

Experience for Consumers
A lot of people nowadays have been building their preference to go for the Android smart phone instead because it allows users to avail for all network carriers and also of the actual devices available for it.

Android Apps Availability
Although it is relatively young, the market for the Android contains numerous applications that can be used for various tasks, allowing even real estate seekers to use tools that will make their planning, calculating and finding real estate targets much easier. There are many applications that can be used for fun or business purposes. The Android market does not let its infancy hinder it from providing a lot of helpful apps to people.

A survey was made in a research firm on 2,809 people who bought smartphones in the past months. About fifty percent of the people bought an Android phone, half of this number purchased iPhones and around 25 percent was divided on the Windows Phone 7, WebOS, BlackBerry and Symbian. Although iOS users have a higher percentage over those Android enthusiasts, Android still tends to have more people purchasing its devices due to its price compared to the Apple product. 

How To Build A Community On Your Blog

Every blogger aspires to build a loyal reader base. Unless you engage with the readers, it is impossible for you to get the readers to visit again solely on the back of the quality of the content. Content forms the core of what your blog is all about but for you to achieve remarkable success in the blogging domain, you need to make efforts beyond this. Give as much importance to your readers as they give to your blog. This can easily help you build a community on your blog. A community built around your blog keeps the number of visits high and you keep getting more readers through recommendations on social networking platforms from your existing readers. If this is what you seek for your blog, put in all your efforts in building a community.

How To Build A Community On Your Blog
1. Ask for readers' opinion
Do not use your opinion as the closing statement for your posts. Instead, encourage your readers to give feedback. Present your opinion but let people know that you are open to receiving similar and contrary views on the subject. Emphasize on discussion and interaction rather than monotonous one-sided posting from the blogger.

2. Acknowledge people
Make sure you reply to the comments people make on your website. Respect the views expressed as people have gone ahead and commented in recognition of your request for the same. Take the conversation further rather than ending it with abrupt thanks.

3. Appear approachable and relatable
People find it easier to connect to someone if they see the real side of the person in the posts. Present yourself as a person talking about one's experiences and not a robotic preacher who seeks to educate others. Share anecdotes and talk about incidents that can bring a smile on people's faces or can instantly get them to connect to your words by virtue of them having faced a similar situation. Nothing connects humans more than emotions.

4. Write content as per the needs of the community
Get cues for content from the comments and further interaction with the readers. Let people get a feeling of having made a contribution in shaping the blog. People value what they consider to be their own. Acknowledge your blog community in your posts.

5. Invite guest bloggers from among your readers
This is another way of showing your appreciation for your readers while you indirectly get your blog promoted as well when the guest bloggers share the link to their posts and invariably promote your blog among their friends and acquaintances. You gain in terms of more readers and a strengthening community on your blog.
Give people the opportunity to relate to you and interact in a manner where people believe that you value their opinion. People like to interact and share their views. The success of social networking platforms is a manifestation of this. Let the interaction happen on your blog. Make your posts the starting point of the conversation. Let everyone join in. For all your effort, it is you who emerge the winner with an ever increasing reader base and high number of hits for each of your posts. This can eventually turn into monetary gain as well.

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology. Beside this she is fond of Gadgets. Recently an article on most expensive Sport Sunglasses attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on sync Google account on Nokia N9.

How to Increase the Page rank

Today Blogging is the most popular hobbies is profession chosen by Youngster. SEO is one of the most part of make your blog popular, and today i am writing about How to Increase the Page rank. 
Read today's Article and Implement on Your Own Blog.

How to Increase the Page rank

Try to build as many dofollow backlinks possible. But make sure that you're building backlinks from the quality, relevant and high page rank sites to get more link juice. make your site as best as it gets, with the best quality content it can have, the best kind of backlinks you can have, the best possible social media coverage you can have... actually be the best at what you do. If you want to increase your website page rank then you have to do good SEO Optimization on your site. That contains quality backlinks, high PR articles site which is giving approval and Google caching soon, well on page optimization and most important thing website content should be unique.

An easy way to increase Google pagerank is to increase the number of backlinks.

Here's how:
1. Expand Submit link to another website like webdirectory, Search Engines, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, forums and other websites that have a high popularity

2. Create some good subdomain - focus on good content by providing useful articles or focus on good service such as providing widgets, web directory, forum, pagerank checker. Directed link from a subdomain to a web page that pagerank want raised.

Remember that your website should also have useful service or content to visitors that your site is not affected by the penalty that led you lose your page-rank or even exposed deindex.

There are many factors affected in pagerank calculation like website domain, website design, website category, website visitors, dofollow baclinks of your site, website content etc. so if you want to increase your website pagerank than first of all try to make your website more and more seo friendly, frequently update your site with fresh and informative content, and use ethical seo techniques to build quality backlinks for your site. and try to get dofollow backlinks for your website. and also use social media to get quality social signal. these all things are surely helpful to increase your website ranking.

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