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How Mobile Monitoring Works on an Android Phone

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The mobile market is now flooded with a lot of mobile monitoring apps that are exclusively built for Android smartphones. In fact, this mobile monitoring technology is the latest buzz! So, what is so enticing about this technology? Well, the Android monitoring technology has become so advanced that you can now secretly keep an eye on the phone of your kid, spouse, or employee. This is possible by installing one of the advanced monitoring apps for Android, which refers to a professional suite of utilities that are robust and intelligent enough to track all phone activities by working in the invisible mode.
How Mobile Monitoring Works on an Android Phone
Usually such technology is used by detective agencies. However today, it has become the preference of many mothers to protect their kids from risky activities as well as bosses to catch hold of employees for doing something illegal. Thanks to the easy installation process and invisible working mode, which have facilitated this technology to be an ideal security and data surveillance utility! So, have you ever wondered how mobile monitoring works on your Android smartphone?

The Working of a Mobile Monitoring App
Irrespective of the mobile monitoring app you choose, there is a 4-step mechanism that all the apps follow. The main function of all Android monitoring apps such as Mobile Spy, Mobistealth and others is to record all the events and activities that take place on the Android phone, and then upload them to your protected online account accessible via the Internet. Listed below are the steps that illustrate the working of mobile monitoring software, starting right from your subscription.
  1. You purchase a suitable mobile monitoring app from its official site, download it directly on the Android phone, and configure its setting according to your requirements. You will have to access the phone only one time for installation after which there will be no need to do so.
  2. The app starts working in the stealth or invisible mode and records everything that occurs on the phone in the form of logs.
  3. The app now silently uploads the informational logs to the secured servers that are remotely located. The logs are totally encrypted during the transmission so that nobody can view or hack them.
  4. You now log on to the online account from any device that offers Internet connection to view all the logs at anytime. This means that you can remotely keep an eye on the target Android phone without touching it.
Your online account is usually a control panel where you can view and access all the Android phone activity logs. In some apps like Mobile Spy, this panel is completely live, which means that you can access the target phone’s screen in real time. This is another exciting feature of mobile monitoring through which you can remotely control the Android phone. 

Activities that Mobile Monitoring Can Record
You will mostly get to see the following activities via your online account:
Calls made and received
Contacts list
Text messages received and sent
Sites browsed
The current GPS location
Video or images captured from the camera
Downloads from the Internet
Apps used
In this way, you can now monitor the Android phones irrespective of yours’ or phone’s location.

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