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What People Should Know About Android

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Ever since the launch of the smartphone operating system Android, it has eaten marketshares so rapidly that many people thought it was owned and operated by either Mark Lazaridis or Steve Jobs. Back in 2011, Android has already owned 29% of the market share, surpassing the Apple iOS and RIM BlackBerry based on the Nielsen Company.

The Edge for Android Developers
Apple secures propriety on its technologies which easily shows in its developer community.  This means that developers working for Apple will need to go through a lot of standard operating procedures and processes in order to get the job done and on top of that, get Jobs’ approval on the matter.
Android, on the other hand, utilizes an open source development process in which a person developing applications for the brand will not have to go through many hoops which can hinder its progress. The apps are easily admitted into the Android Market which can then be purchased by users through wireless Internet connectivity.
Some people argue that the quality on the apps that Apple have are higher due to their approach in developing them and even though this may be the truth, the talent pool of the brand is slowly declining as many developers are already giving their talents in making Android apps which is far less complicated.

Experience for Consumers
A lot of people nowadays have been building their preference to go for the Android smart phone instead because it allows users to avail for all network carriers and also of the actual devices available for it.

Android Apps Availability
Although it is relatively young, the market for the Android contains numerous applications that can be used for various tasks, allowing even real estate seekers to use tools that will make their planning, calculating and finding real estate targets much easier. There are many applications that can be used for fun or business purposes. The Android market does not let its infancy hinder it from providing a lot of helpful apps to people.

A survey was made in a research firm on 2,809 people who bought smartphones in the past months. About fifty percent of the people bought an Android phone, half of this number purchased iPhones and around 25 percent was divided on the Windows Phone 7, WebOS, BlackBerry and Symbian. Although iOS users have a higher percentage over those Android enthusiasts, Android still tends to have more people purchasing its devices due to its price compared to the Apple product. 

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