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How To Build A Community On Your Blog

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Every blogger aspires to build a loyal reader base. Unless you engage with the readers, it is impossible for you to get the readers to visit again solely on the back of the quality of the content. Content forms the core of what your blog is all about but for you to achieve remarkable success in the blogging domain, you need to make efforts beyond this. Give as much importance to your readers as they give to your blog. This can easily help you build a community on your blog. A community built around your blog keeps the number of visits high and you keep getting more readers through recommendations on social networking platforms from your existing readers. If this is what you seek for your blog, put in all your efforts in building a community.

How To Build A Community On Your Blog
1. Ask for readers' opinion
Do not use your opinion as the closing statement for your posts. Instead, encourage your readers to give feedback. Present your opinion but let people know that you are open to receiving similar and contrary views on the subject. Emphasize on discussion and interaction rather than monotonous one-sided posting from the blogger.

2. Acknowledge people
Make sure you reply to the comments people make on your website. Respect the views expressed as people have gone ahead and commented in recognition of your request for the same. Take the conversation further rather than ending it with abrupt thanks.

3. Appear approachable and relatable
People find it easier to connect to someone if they see the real side of the person in the posts. Present yourself as a person talking about one's experiences and not a robotic preacher who seeks to educate others. Share anecdotes and talk about incidents that can bring a smile on people's faces or can instantly get them to connect to your words by virtue of them having faced a similar situation. Nothing connects humans more than emotions.

4. Write content as per the needs of the community
Get cues for content from the comments and further interaction with the readers. Let people get a feeling of having made a contribution in shaping the blog. People value what they consider to be their own. Acknowledge your blog community in your posts.

5. Invite guest bloggers from among your readers
This is another way of showing your appreciation for your readers while you indirectly get your blog promoted as well when the guest bloggers share the link to their posts and invariably promote your blog among their friends and acquaintances. You gain in terms of more readers and a strengthening community on your blog.
Give people the opportunity to relate to you and interact in a manner where people believe that you value their opinion. People like to interact and share their views. The success of social networking platforms is a manifestation of this. Let the interaction happen on your blog. Make your posts the starting point of the conversation. Let everyone join in. For all your effort, it is you who emerge the winner with an ever increasing reader base and high number of hits for each of your posts. This can eventually turn into monetary gain as well.

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology. Beside this she is fond of Gadgets. Recently an article on most expensive Sport Sunglasses attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on sync Google account on Nokia N9.

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