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PageRank or Alexa Rank? Which One Is Important

PageRank or Alexa Rank? Which One Is Important?

 Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking are two different ways determine your site's performance. Here is a little description of the two,

Google Page Rank 

Google Page Rank is a rank from 0 to 10. It is the way Google observes a website. It is mostly dependent upon how many quality backlinks the site has. However there are many other features that also count. Sometimes Google ban people from the ranking due to several reasons like copied content and black hat SEO tactics. . It is calculated from an algorithm (can be seen here :Wiki PageRank. )

Positive Aspects:

  1. A good way to observe sites performance as it uses quality backlinks as a major factor. Follows an algorithm (attach algorithm link here Wiki).
  2. Can ban websites with copied content.
  3. Ranked by the biggest search engine in the world i.e GOOGLE
  4. Mostly Page Rank is considered a major factor when buying or selling a site.
  5. Calculated by Google itself which is major site that sends traffic.
  6. Offers a toolbar named 'Google Toolbar' to check the Alexa ranking of a site

Negative Aspects:
Updated very late (3-4 months)
People can buy quality backlinks and get good Page Rank.
They do not provide a toolbar for their own Google Chrome

Alexa Ranking 

Alexa is a web directory and  provides free traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more. Alexa ranking depends upon how many visitors you get daily.
Positive Aspects:

  1. Updated sooner
  2. Calculation is based on a dependable factor i.e visitor count.
  3. Offers a toolbar named 'Alexa Toolbar' to check the Alexa ranking of a site.
Negative Aspects:
You can use a software and get as robot visits to your site and increase your hit count.


Observing both the two factors it is seen that none of them actually is a perfect way to describe the success of a website. Both of them have their pros and cons. However PageRank gives an idea of how popular a website is in internet in building reputation and Alexa gives an estimate idea of how much traffic a website is receiving. In short both are important to receive handsome sponsorship and attract tons of Advertisers

Add +1 Button To Homepages To Increase Traffic

Add +1 Button To Homepages To Increase Traffic
 This is an important step that you must take the sooner possible. Google has expectations with this new social networking plugin and future ranking listings will be mostly based on personal recommendations based on your blogs and sites. We already added the +1 buttons below Posts in blogger and now it is time that you add one especially dedicated to the number of +1'ds made on your homepages. You can see this button added to the right of my navigation menu so that users could easily +1'd the homepage.

How to add +1 Button to Homepage?
Select a HTML/Javascript widget and paste the following code inside it,
<g:plusone href='' size='standard'/> 
If you want one like mine then use this code,
<div style='float:right'>
      <p style='font:12px bold arial, verdana; float:left; margin:5px; 15px;'>Liked us?</p>
<g:plusone href='' size='standard'/>
Make sure to replace my blog link with yours.
2.   If you have previously added the +1 buttons to your blog then you can skip this step else continue. 
  • Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  • Backup your template
  • and search for this
and just above it paste the following code,

<script src='' type='text/javascript'> {lang: &#39;en-US&#39;} </script>

  3. Save your template and you are done!

Which Social Networking Buttons Should You Use On Blogs

Which Social Networking Buttons Should You Use On Blogs?

Web Traffic a word heard everywhere and to achieve it, web owners will try every possible method to push themselves to a better level. In order to achieve web traffic the simplest and most effective solution is the use of Major Social networking websites. With the rapid advancement and development of Internet, more and more bloggers and webmasters are getting addicted to social tools and services for the purpose of inorganic traffic flow. Social networks are expanding widely and every year we hear of another name. By far there are over 350 big and small social connecting sites. Just a month ago we heard of Google+ and God knows how many more will evolve in future.

The question here is that which social buttons should you use in order to increase the number of your unique visitors and thereby daily page views. It really destroys readers interest when he sees too many buttons on your site, eating their internet speed with their heavy load time. Providing efficient and easy navigation to user should be our goal. If you add each and every social media buttons like Digg, reddit, delicious, Twitter, technorati, Facebook like button, Facebook send button, Google +1  button, linkedin, stumbleupon and so on then obviously you are increasing your web blog load time discouraging both visitors and search engines. Readers enjoy fast load time and search engine robots enjoy crawling data at a faster rate. According to Google new webmaster guidelines, all websites with slow load time are penalized by Google and will be ranked low in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So lets select the best traffic value buttons for your blogs.
Give Priority To Big Social Networks
By big I mean social networking websites with extremely high traffic and audience value. Use social buttons which have the greatest number of online registered users for example Facebook. It has around 750 Million active registered users. The probability that your visitor is a Facebook user is near to 90% so make sure you Keep Facebook at the top of your priority list. Second comes Twitter with 175 Million users.  Third comes the new social Giant though new but soon it will expand like fire and this new giant is of course Google+. Fourth comes LinkedIn with over 100 Million active users.

Social Networks That Counts Second

nnNow lets look at the traffic value of some other social networking sites that comes in our second priority list.

These names include Stumbleupon with 7 Million users, Digg with approximately 1 Million registers users and reddit.

Now here goes the order of priority from best to least best:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Linkedin
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. Reddit
  7. Digg

You must Keep the first 4 buttons as the main social sharing buttons on your blogs and keep others on Addthis Share button which contains over 350 social networking sites. This way you keep the load time performance of your blog high and will receive a handsome traffic in return.

What buttons do we use?

You can see Twitter, Facebook Like, Stumbleupon and Google+ buttons as our main focused buttons on OUR Blog and that is contradictory to the priority list I shared above. I have skipped Linkedin because it is mostly used by business professionals and my site does not address them therefore I have used stumbleupon instead. So you should decide yourself which buttons are more important for your blog's growth and success.

You can use the following social networking widgets for customizing your blogs:

    * Add Social Networking buttons below titles
    *  Social Networking widget below posts

I have published many widgets on social networking buttons. You can use the search box above to choose the best widget design for your blog.



Create a Contact Form With File Upload Option

Create a Contact Form With File Upload Option

The contact form that I am using on this blog is from emailmeform and it is all free but customized using CSS. I previously published a post on how to customize contact form provided by emailmeform but later due to change in the coding provided by them the styling do not work for new forms so today we will learn to create a simple contact form with no company Ads and along with an upload option that will allow your visitors to send you files straight from your website. The files can be a text file, video, audio, pdf, gif, png, anything. Follow these steps

Create a Free Web Contact Form

Sign up for a free account at emailmeform
Once you are registered click the "Add a Form" button and choose the form builder option

Keep your form simple with some important fields only like Name, Website URL, Email, Age, Country, Subject and Message. The form builder looks like this,
The form builder has blue buttons at left and display at right. When you click a button on left the effect is displayed on right. Now kindly follow as I instruct for keeping things simple and for creating a simple but informative contact form.
Follow this order:
  1. Click the Name button in advance section
  2. Next click Web site
  3. Next Email
  4. Next Hidden Field. Now click the hidden field section on the right and rename it as Age
  5. Next click Hidden Filed again and rename it as Country
  6. Next click File Upload (Optional you can leave this option if you don't want users to send you files via email)
  7. Now From the Basic section click Paragraph Text & click it to rename it as Message
  8. To make a specific form option a must to fill then simply click that row and select required as shown below
Your contact form now must look something like this:
9. Click the Form Title and add some message there for your visitors. For example you can write :
We Love To Hear From You
Feel free to ask for any help. We will catch you back as soon as time allows
I just hope you may have found today's tutorial helpful. If you need any help please do not hesitate to post your question. Have fun buddies! :)


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