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PageRank or Alexa Rank? Which One Is Important

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PageRank or Alexa Rank? Which One Is Important?

 Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking are two different ways determine your site's performance. Here is a little description of the two,

Google Page Rank 

Google Page Rank is a rank from 0 to 10. It is the way Google observes a website. It is mostly dependent upon how many quality backlinks the site has. However there are many other features that also count. Sometimes Google ban people from the ranking due to several reasons like copied content and black hat SEO tactics. . It is calculated from an algorithm (can be seen here :Wiki PageRank. )

Positive Aspects:

  1. A good way to observe sites performance as it uses quality backlinks as a major factor. Follows an algorithm (attach algorithm link here Wiki).
  2. Can ban websites with copied content.
  3. Ranked by the biggest search engine in the world i.e GOOGLE
  4. Mostly Page Rank is considered a major factor when buying or selling a site.
  5. Calculated by Google itself which is major site that sends traffic.
  6. Offers a toolbar named 'Google Toolbar' to check the Alexa ranking of a site

Negative Aspects:
Updated very late (3-4 months)
People can buy quality backlinks and get good Page Rank.
They do not provide a toolbar for their own Google Chrome

Alexa Ranking 

Alexa is a web directory and  provides free traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more. Alexa ranking depends upon how many visitors you get daily.
Positive Aspects:

  1. Updated sooner
  2. Calculation is based on a dependable factor i.e visitor count.
  3. Offers a toolbar named 'Alexa Toolbar' to check the Alexa ranking of a site.
Negative Aspects:
You can use a software and get as robot visits to your site and increase your hit count.


Observing both the two factors it is seen that none of them actually is a perfect way to describe the success of a website. Both of them have their pros and cons. However PageRank gives an idea of how popular a website is in internet in building reputation and Alexa gives an estimate idea of how much traffic a website is receiving. In short both are important to receive handsome sponsorship and attract tons of Advertisers

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