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Earn Money From Facebook

Yes you can earn using Facebook fan page but for you require more followers and likes. There are several affiliate program on the web where they provides affiliate product link which you can share on your fanpage timeline so if someone buy by following this link then you can earn commission. but for that you require good amount of followers as well a likes.
                                                       There is no direct way to get money from Facebook fan page but you can earn money from here buy selling Fan pages or using your fan pages as traffic source for your websites. Indirectly it's helping you to earn money from Google Adsense.

What is Facebook fans page?
Facebook fans page is just like our Blog/website, it's specialize for US to Present/Publish our specific interest to our friends and help us to connected with other people who has same interest. FB fans page can help us to make MONEY, but it's not Like Google Adsense. Google Adsense is Publisher network, FB fans page is just like our Website/blog. Simply it a Micro BLOG. If you get LIKE on your Page from many people, it's just like YOU GET SUBSCRIBER using Email /newsletter. So if there's some one said "Money On The LIST" FB fans page do it as same thing, but it's a LIKE.

There are several ways you can use your FB fanpage in order to make some profit.

1. You can share affiliate products which are related to the niche of your Facebook fan page. For example you can try selling Garments to your FB page.

2. The way most people do it - they just advertise their own website, and they create catchy posts so that people click on it.

3. If your fan-page is big enough you can sell advertising posts. Ive seen some page posts selling for as much as $40-50 per piece. This is for pretty large pages ~700-750k+ with much social activity.

A fan page is an apparatus by which you can expand your informal community, communicate with your clients, and in the meantime advertise your organization.

Facebook Fan Page Advantage
  •     Gives a base camp for your business on the web.
  •     Facebook fan pages drives activity.
  •     Greatly improve the situation.
  •     Facebook fan pages make it simple for you to captivate with your clients gratis.
  •     Regulate association with the individuals outside the business.
  •     Extend Client relations.
  •     A great put for mark fans to speak
You can get benefits from FB fan page, we can increase followers from our FB fan page and also we can promote our business through this. This FB fan page can help us to earn money.

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Transfer website from one host to another

How do you transfer a website from one host to another.

Assuming you are transferring the existing site domain ...
1. Set up a new account with the name of the domain to be transferred.
2. You can can access that web space by ftp and upload the site to there (must be into the public_html directory there).
3. You can accesss the site before the domain is transferred by using the URL 'IP address/~username' and test it to make sure it's all working.
4. It is possible that all functions won't work properly on the site (I have had some links not working) using this method, but most will, and you can see that everything is there ok. It should all work properly once the domain transfers.
5. Change the domain's DNS to your new nameserver at Hosting Provider.
6. Allow 24 - 48 hours for the domain to propagate to the new DNS and off you go.

If you do that all properly the website should not even go off-line. The only thing you might need to be careful with is if the site has a forum or something else that visitors are adding data to regularly. In this case any data entered between the time you download the original site (for uploading to the new space) and the time the site propagates to the new space will have fallen between the two and be lost. If this applies you should maybe think about closing the forum from the time you downloaded it for transfer until the site has propagated in it's new home.

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