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Customize Windows XP Bootable CD

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Enterprise computer system or helpdesk administrators could make life easier by customizing original Windows XP bootable CD to include latest service pack.

Home users too, will be happier as reinstalling time shorten by using an Windows XP bootable CD integrated with latest XP service pack files.

Not a really complicated work to make a new bootable Windows XP CD that integrated with XP SP2 or latest XP service pack files. Here are the steps, which may served as reference to make a new Windows 2000 bootable CD integrated with Windows 2000 SP4 service pack files.

1. Go to My Computer, click on Tools menu, click on Folder Options, click on View tab, go to Advanced Settings, double click on Hidden Files And Folders, select Show Hidden Files And Folders option, deselect Hide Extensions For Known File Types checkbox, deselect Hide Protected Operating System Files checkbox.

This step is to turn on options to show hidden files and shown file extensions.

2. Assuming the D:\ drive has more than 1GB free disk space. Create a folders on D:\ drive, namely D:\NewXPcd folder name.

3. Open CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive where the XP bootable CD is inserted. Press CTRL+A to select all folders and files of XP bootable CD-ROM. Press CTRL+C to copy the selected files and folders. Paste the copied contents to D:\NewXPcd folder created earlier.

4. Download the full Network Installation version of XP SP2 to D:\ drive where the NewXPcd folder exists. After download completed, rename that single executable file (Windowsxp-kb835935-sp2-enu.exe) as XPsp2.exe filename.

5. Click Start button, click Run menu, type

D:\XPsp2.EXE /integrate:D:\NewXPcd

in the Open textbox, click OK button to start. When a message confirms that the action is complete, click OK.

6. Almost done. The D:\NewXPcd folder should contains the Win51ic.SP2 file. If this file exists, XP SP2 service pack files has successfully integrated.

However, simply burn an image of this folder contents would not able to make a bootable CD-ROM, as the original boot code from the original Windows XP bootable CD does not exists in the folder.

Microsoft doesn't provide a tool to extract the boot code, but suggests to use a third party tool called Bart's Boot Image Extractor (BBIE) to do the job.

7. Create a new folder at D:\ drive, namely D:\BBIE folder name. Download a copy of BBIE program and save it into D:\BBIE folder. If it is a zip file, extract the contents to the same folder.

8. While the original Windows XP bootable CD-ROM still inside the drive (assuming it is E:\ drive), go to Start button, Click on Run menu, type cmd in the Open textbox, click OK button to bring up Command Prompt windows.

9. Type cd D:\BBIE and press ENTER. Type bbie E: to get BBIE creates the Image1.bin image file inside D:\BBIE folder. Copy the Image1.bin to D:\NewXPcd folder.

10. Lastly, choose Nero or any others CD burning software to burn an bootable image format of the D:\NewXPcd folder contents to a blank CD, to make a new Windows XP bootable CD-ROM integrated with SP2 or the latest Windows XP service pack. 

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