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Top 5 Best Antivirus for Android Tablet and Smartphones

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Software is being developed in an extremely huge scale today, there are several teams working tirelessly on building apps and software so to the make the user life easier. When you are talking about software then you should be aware of the problems that would be accompanying your software and apps. If there are software’s that are really amazing, then there should be a bug to ruin the enjoyment. That is the cycle anywhere and everywhere, when there is something good then there is something that would cause a problem to the good, but there also exists another cycle here, and that every problem has a solution. When it comes to the operating system it is the same again, be it in the case of computers or smart phones. The best operating system for smart phones at present, Android, a product from the search giant Google is attacked, Android is also a threatened by Malware, Viruses etc., but then being a consumer it is your prime responsibility to keep your smart phones safe from any kind of the attacks. The third affair app store is what you have to watch out for.
To help you further is the list of the 5 best anti-viruses for Android based smart phones; the anti-viruses listed below will aid you in detecting the problems in your system and then rectify them as well.
1. Avast Free Mobile Security:
The ‘Avast!’security app for mobile phones is not only an anti-virus in the club it is also a huge abode of all the other security tools put together as a privacy scanner for your Android smart phone. It is an app manager, and an internet defense tool that scans every other app that you download and checks for the threats. It addresses the threats it was discovered and warns you about it. It also suggeststhe specified action that needs to be taken so as to delete the virus. It also warns on the internet malware sites if you are visiting them. The anti-virus consists of a USSD blocker that blocks the dangerous UUSD commands the likes found in Samsung Smartphones, it also holds a firewall that blocks all the malicious content as well. The antivirus also includes a choice of anti-theft activation so as to regulate your phone through SMS and there sort the history and the phone lock options.

2. BitDefender:
The BitDefender was once extremely reliable software for the Windows systems but then it has been extended to protect the other system as well. The BitDefender antivirus includes a whole array of apps forthe robot and the Mobile version too like the Security and Antivirus app. The app is easy to transfer and use however you need to take care of one login process. Once run the anti –virus for the first time you will have to check in through your Bit Defender or Gmail ID for authentication purpose. Then you will receive the prompt for a full system scan and once you run the scan the apps will be stored in the memory of the smart phone. Once you are done with the complete system scan all the malware and the viruses in the system will be detected and deleted. This anti-virus is pretty much a useful item in your smart phone. It will not be as reliable if you do not check in though.

3. AVG
The name is pretty much familiar is it not, well, besides the manufacturers of computer system stepping into the smart phone business, the anti-viruses that were once famous for desktops have migrated to protect the smart phone, or rather Android phones as well. The anti-virus comes directly to the Windows as a reliable app. For the humanoid smart phones it comes in the version 2 of its original app which is a free app. Back in 2012, this was considered one of the best anti-virus systems for Android smart phones but off late it has lost its reputation due to some issues with the system. Well, that does not mean that it has taken a back seat, the anti-virus as now upgraded its Interface and is far easier to use than the earlier versions.
When you run the anti-virus on your Android smart phone it will indicate the dangerous blocks in red signifying the warning. AVG is a true anti-virus which will help you protect your Android phones when used as per the instructions given by the manufacturers.

4. Dr. Web Antivirus:
Dr. Web anti-virus which is light weight may be easily installed and used on your Android smart phone and in comparison to the other anti-viruses in the lot; this may be pretty much light weight and occupies less space. It does not offer further security functions besides, the general detections of malware and killing a bug, if any. The Dr. Web anti-virus unlike the others is not automatic, it needs to be turned on to initiate its actions it will not mechanically ignite and scan through your Android smart phones. Therefore to begin the scan you need to run the “SpIDer Guard”, once this is done, you can sit and relax, and theDr.Web is now not anything different from the other anti-viruses in the lot.

5. Kaspersky Mobile Security:
One of the best anti-viruses for Windows cannot to be ignored among the best antivirus for the Android smart phones. Kaspersky has never let the people down; it has always offered protection from malware or any dangerous content in any system. The Security Low Cal is the free version of the Kaspersky’s complete Mobile security app. Once installed, you will have to store a security code which is just like the anti-theft guard, which activates several different commands so as to adhere all the system requirements of your Android smart phone. You can scan all the apps you are downloading to check for threats, but then there is no option to check or scan the existing apps on your smart phone. These are the five best anti-viruses for your Android smart phones; you could install any one of them so as to keep your Android smart phone free from any problems that might have occurred through the viruses or malware.

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