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Secure Your WorkStation with Deep Freeze

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Now its very easy to secure any workstation or server with Deep Freeze an amazing software that can render any system intact after every restart of the workstation itself.
Its smart integration capability can handle multiple threads and dumps and deletes any information or data downloaded on over the internet or any local hub once the deep freeze is enabled.

Special Features:-
1. Specific threaded explorer & kernel integration.
2. Automatic Restoration within a second.
3. EDM threads optimizer that donot cost any processing power.
4.Full WPF GUI interface and a lot of tweaks.
5.Integrated Exceptional rules for the antivirus and system updates
(In other words, none of your system updates will be flushed)
6.AES 256-bit encription facility.
7.Smart Handler any sensative information (eg. Passwords, Autofill etc) released over the net.

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