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you are an audiophile Try FL Studio 9.1

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So if you are an audiophile and want to develop your own tempo's and music loop or if you are a professional like DJ or sound developer.
This edition will temp your dreams out, try it if you want to know more.

Features and Integrated tools :-
1. Synthesis Techniques like span substractive,modelling, FM, RM, granualar
and additive.
2.Open Plugins Standard and Open AL support.
3.Multichannel audio mastering and recording support with full ASIO
& ASIO 2.0,Rewire etc.
4.Cludes and Precision control tools.
5. Full VST(1/2), DXT (1/2) support which enables remixing with any
living standard formats.
6.Full Dynamics & over 40 integrated effects.
7.Revised Plugins like:- SimSynth live, Drum Synth live,DX 10,WASP
and WASP XT.
8.Full featured tools like:- Fruity Reverb 2, Fruity Warpper, WaveCandy
& Fruity Limiter.
9.Windows explorer integration with windows file shell menu.
10.New ! tools like:- Vocodex, Autogun, Stereo Shaper amp
& Sakura etc.

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