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Process Explorer 15.13

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Process Explorer is a widnows Task Manager. The program examines all the active processes, their sub-processes and all the handles and dlls that they use. This can be extremely handy when tracking down DLL-version problems or handle leaks.The Process Explorer is divided into two main panes – the top one shows all the running processes, and the bottom one (depending on the chosen mode) shows either the handles or the dlls that they use.
Process Explorer Features
Hierarchical view of processes.
Ability to display an icon and company name next to each process.
Live CPU activity graph in the task bar.
Ability to suspend selected process.
Ability to raise the window attached to a process, thus "unhiding" it.
Complete process tree can be killed.
Interactively alter a service process' access security
Interactively set the priority of a process
Disambiguates service executables which perform multiple service functions. For example, when the pointer is placed over a svchost.exe, it will tell if it is the one performing automatic updates/secondary logon/etc., or the one providing RPC, or the one performing terminal services, and so on.

Operating system
Windows (All Versions)

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