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Resize thumbnails image in blogger

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Some time Blogger want to increase or decrease size of thumbnails image of our blogger post. Blogger admin want to adjust Image as per there requirement. This template Hack shows how to resize thumbnails image in blogger post. You have to made some changes in you template.
Note: Must Take a Backup of Your Template Before Changes any Code.

Search Using Ctrl + F 
var thumbnail_mode = "float" ;
Search Code Look like this
<script type='text/javascript'>
var thumbnail_mode = &quot;float&quot; ;
summary_noimg = 150;
summary_img = 150;
img_thumb_height = 200;
img_thumb_width = 200;

Change Numerical value of 200 

img_thumb_height = 200;
img_thumb_width = 200;

Save Template and See Your Changes.

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