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Development of Micro Gear Motor and Micro Gear Pump

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Japan has announced the development of two new products, one the high efficient 3V DC micro gear motor 80800 and the other a micro pump 80900. Since the new gear motor is powered by dry cell batteries, it will contribute in downsizing of variety of products and equipments. The gear pump achieves industry’s highest efficiency level in its class. The pump’s maximum flow is 15ml per min. at 3V (0.15 W). The micro gear motor has a weight of 1.7g and operation Electric current of 40mA, while micro gear pump weighs on 3.0g.

The micro gear motor includes robotics, manufacturing equipment, actuator for camera lens, nursing care products as well as meter and more. While the micro gear’s applications will be in adhesive/glue/other liquid dispenser, Water pump, Hydraulic equipment, Fuel cell, CPU cooler.

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