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Live Streaming Service Noida

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Live streaming media is the transmission over the Internet of video of an event as it happens. Streaming is a form of online video in which the site sends video footage to a user’s machine “on the fly” rather than as a complete file. It’s akin to the difference between watching a TV show as it airs and watching a DVD.
Live Broadcast Service Noida
Live streaming media is different than on-demand streaming. With the latter, the content has previously been recorded. The user then accesses it at a time of their choice, though it is still streamed to their machine rather than downloaded as a complete file. YouTube is probably the best known on-demand streaming site.

Live streaming isn’t a brand new piece of technology in the marketing world, but it is most certainly an underused one. With Internet Educational Class more popularity from Internet marketers and online users alike, it’s little wonder live streaming is beginning to get pushed to the forefront of marketing strategies of brands, businesses and bloggers. So, how can live streaming benefit you? How can live streaming open up doors to new revenue streams? The following article discusses the four key ways live streaming could become a fantastic revenue boost for you and your online marketing campaigns.

Live Streams Allow You To Receive Physical Online Attendance
One of the biggest benefits about live streaming any event, seminar, lecture or conference is the revenue generated from the ticket purchases of attendees. Traditionally a lot of live streams consisted of Webinars with solely online audiences or live events with little access and engagement for viewing online audiences. However, if your live stream allows for both physical and online active attendance, you can create revenue from both physical and online ticket sales.

Live Streams Open Up Doors To New Prospective Clients
As soon as you realise that live events can give you the opportunity to connect with online audiences, there becomes amazing potential for you to reach out, and make connections with hundreds, even thousands of prospective clients. Live streams can make use of live forums, chat rooms, Twitter Hastags and online Q & A to help you build relationships with a wide array of future customers, niche thought leaders, bloggers, key industry figures and a whole host of interested online users. These interactions could generate in anything from higher conversion rates and increased website traffic to a huge boost in word of mouth promotion.

Live Streams Raise Brand Awareness
The buzz live streams create on the web, especially if they’re topical and regarding exciting industry developments, will certainly help to get your name spread across the online community. Whether your live stream contains information for your niche, or whether it impacts a wider online audience, if the topics being discussed and the speakers at your event stir up a buzz, you’ll quickly see an improvement in audience figures, website traffic and brand awareness. Causing a stir online will definitely get niches talking about your brand, business or blog and teasing people’s curiosity to check out what you do. The brand awareness this buzz creates will undoubtedly make online audiences aware of you and your content, for when you implement marketing strategies in the future.

Using Innovative Technology Puts You Ahead Of The Competition
Businesses always want that little something special to help them close that deal, bloggers always want that leg up on their competition, and brands always want to be on the pulse of new technologies to show their dominance, but how do you achieve that? Well, live streaming your events could easily be the innovation and creativity that puts you ahead of the rest of the crowd. Having a point of differentiation from the rest of your online niche will help you secure business, viewers, audiences, subscribers and make your content memorable. Much like with raising brand awareness, being able to muscle out the competition and stick in audiences’ heads will guarantee you a huge boost in revenue, all by making use of innovative and current technology.

What Businesses Need to Know about Live Video Streaming
Live video is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing channels in all industries: instant content delivery, interactivity, savings on video production costs and SEO benefits are only a few of many advantages that quality streaming services bring into your digital marketing mix. With an experienced live streaming provider like Gaurangi Infotech internet and mobile live streaming becomes not only an effective marketing tool but an affordable solution easily integrated with email, social media and other popular channels.

Quality is the key to successful live streaming.In most cases, it does not require significant investments into video or audio equipment. One can stream multimedia worldwide with a web cam or a flip camera, an average microphone and an inexpensive video capture card (optional). However, good streaming provider makes all the difference. It is essential to utilize specialized media streaming servers, the right software, configuration, and to make sure that you are not paying an arm and a leg for your bandwidth consumption. In addition, it is important to ensure that your streaming is available on all operational systems and is viewable on Blackberries and Androids as well as PCs and iPhones/iPads. Successful live media streaming comes down to the right mix of hardware, software, internet quality, and expertise of your live video streaming provider.
Advantages and Action

Media Streaming can be effectively used to cut cost, save time and to enhance the user experience. The following are few of the arenas where Live or On demand streaming can be effectively used;

Live Events: Broadcasting live events over the web such as Marriages, Sales Launches, Training Sessions, CEO meets, Sales Reviews, Tele Medicine, and Surveillance etc.

Training: Live training sessions and pre-recorded training sessions can be streamed using live and on demand streaming. This will enable a tutor to reach
pupils across continents.

Entertainment: Media streaming is predominantly used in entertainment industry to stream audio/video contents. Movies, Songs Play lists, Streaming TV events are to name a few.

Corporate: Pre-placement talks for fresh candidates, infrastructure and facilities streaming to acquire bigger projects, On demand streaming of apartments or construction projects, live sales reviews, dealers meet, investor meet etc.

Matrimonial: On demand streaming video of brides and grooms.

Online FM / TV Channels: You can start and run your own FM and TV channel over the web and reach millions of audience at the lowest possible cost.

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