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Meta tags for blogger

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What is Meta tags?

Meta Tags are HTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a web page. Such tags are placed in the head section of an HTML document.

How to add meta tags to your blogger(blogspot) blog?

1.Sign in to your blogger dashboard> Select the 'Design' link [see the screenshot below]

Here is the code you have to add

<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='AUTHOR NAME HERE' name='author'/>


Write your blog description in the description here column
Write the keywords of your blog in KEYWORDS column
Write the author's name(Your name) in AUTHOR NAME: column

When you use this meta format, these keyword and description meta tags will appear on your blogs home page only thus, avoiding duplicate meta tags on blog pages.

3.Add the above code just after this [Look at the below screenshot]

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Don't forget to add description and keywords and save the changes.

Advantage of meta tags

•It is used by some lesser-known search engines. Having a meta description tag on each page may give those pages an SEO advantage with those search engines.
•It appears in search results with some search engines,
•Well-written description tags that appear with search results may be better at attracting searchers to the page than snippets of text from the page.
•It may carry a little weight with Yahoo.
•It may be a factor with some lesser-known search engines.
•If you list misspellings of words that you use on the page, it may help your page appear in Yahoo search results for those misspellings.

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