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Uses of Keywords

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Use of keywords is very important to increase the traffic of your sites. To have the most search of your website, keyword keeps most vital role. Search engine users enter keyword or phrases into a search engine to find the information they need. If you want to find yourself on top for those keywords you must know the importance of keywords.

The uses of the keywords are given below
1) To get more search engine traffic
Keywords are used to get the more traffic from the website. Knowing these keywords and optimizing your web pages accordingly, helps website owners to attract a lot of traffic through search engines.

2) To persuade users to act on your website

Every web page is created for some purpose. Some pages are created to persuade people to buy certain products or services, some to give away things for free etc. To get people to do what you want, you need to demonstrate you can fulfill their needs. So how do you demonstrate this? We use words! Use keyword research tools to find keywords that your potential customers are trying to use to find information that fulfill their needs. Then use those exact words to persuade them.

3) To increase return on pay per click investment includes
Pay per click advertising and Pay per click publishing.

• Pay per click advertising
This is probably the second most popular use of keyword research tools. After search engine optimization, that is. Keyword bidding or keyword advertising across pay per click networks like Google AdWords is a popular form of advertising. It requires one to research keywords carefully if they are to maximize their return on investment. The more competitors bidding on a certain keyword, the higher the cost per click that keyword is likely to incur for you as an advertiser. In order to minimize costs, one would have to look for keywords that have less competition but enough demand to get the desired traffic.

Hence we use keyword research tools to find keyword search terms that can minimize our cost per click and yet get us as many click through as possible.

• Pay per click publishing
Publishers, on the other hand, use keyword research tools to find keywords that give them the highest earnings per click and as many click through rates as possible.

4)To analyze the demand and supply of a particular product/market.
Any serious marketer would tell you that it is very important to assess demand and supply before you dive into any market. When marketing offline there are various techniques one can use to gather this data. This is also true for Internet marketing. Keyword research is one of the tools one can use for gathering this data online. Assessing the number of searches done on search engines for a particular keyword can help us estimate the demand for a particular product or market. Though keyword research tools are not the only source of this information, they should not be ignored when carrying out this important research.

So, as you can see, keyword research tools are not only there to help you increase your search engine traffic, but also to carry out other important market research. It is also important to note that some keyword research tools are specific to certain research types.

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