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What is a tubeless Tyre

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What is a tubeless Tyre Tubeless tyres are tyres without the tube. The tyre is built in such a way that it can contain the air by itself. It does not require a tube within it. The tyre and rim assembly form an air container, to “Seal” and “Contain” the compressed air inside the assembly. The tyre has a halo- or chloro-butyl lining on its inside which is airtight. Together with the airtight joint between the tyre and the wheel, the membrane forms a container that holds the air for the tyre. A valve is fitted on to the rim for inflation or deflation to the assembly.
Tubeless Tyres

Why tubeless Tyre contain nitrogen(N2) 

Because of nitrogen keep cool to inner surface of the tyre and seal the small hole Advantages of Tubeless Tyres Use Economy – These tyres are more economical, which can be seen from the following points:
  • Since tube is eliminated , friction between tyre & tube is not experienced, thus lower rolling resistance, improved fuel efficiency, less vibrations , less heat generation and better comfort.
  • Chances of tube getting pinched under the bead while mounting are eliminated.
  • The number of components used in a tyre wheel assembly gets reduced.
  • The tube and the flap are both eliminated
  • The tube and the flap are both eliminated
  • Lower tyre/wheel weight (un-sprung mass) results in better vehicle handling and therefore longer life.
  • In case a nail or other sharp object penetrate a tubeless tyre , the air loss is not sudden. The tyre wheel assembly continues to perform its function for some time before going flat. This ensures and is one of the biggest advantages of a tubeless tyre.
  • If there is a sharp penetration in a tube tyre, the air in the tube starts leaking suddenly and rapidly in all directions. This causes the wheel assembly to loose stability thereby resulting in accidents.
  • Since there is no tube in tubeless tyre the probable and associated potential problems such as “Defective Splice”, “Defective Valve Base”, “Thin Gauge”, “Foreign matter” or “Pin Hole” are eliminated, ensuring safety of the wheel assembly.
  • Tubeless tyre beads are designed to seat on the rim bead seat area with higher “interference” (tight fit) as compared to a tube type tyre. In the event of air loss the chances of bead unseating from the rim is less, therefore providing higher safety.

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