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Download Atomic Email Hunter 7.0

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Atomic Email Hunter is a software that can extract e-mails from web sites.
Now a days internet marketing is becoming one of the highest return-on-the-investment strategies these days. Cheap and effective, targeted e-mail sending replaces those older marketing methods due to its fantastic reach and convenience.

Key features of "Atomic Email Hunter":
•The application behaves like a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, so its operation is transparent both for your ISP and the website owner. It looks like a regular user browses the website and clicks all the links.
Targeted search for emails using keywords:
•Enter the keywords that describe your business. The program will query all popular search engines and search for emails on the matching websites.
Search for emails on specified websites:
•Enter the URL of the website you are interested in. Atomic Email Hunter will quickly extract emails on its pages.
• Search using lists of websites and keywords
• We have created an option to enter a list of websites or keywords. So you do not have to wait for one process to finish before starting another. Define the list of URLs or keywords and leave the program running. When you come back you will see a long list of new email addresses.
Extracting email owners' names:
•In some cases (not always) Atomic Email Hunter can also extract the name of the email owner. It lets you create personalized mailing lists and improve response to your newsletters.
Plugins support:
•Atomic Email Hunter supports plugin technology so you can increase the power of the application and also create your own search scripts. The standard version of the application includes three free plugins: for searching email by name of the person, searching for emails in usenet conferences and search in categories of catalog
High speed:
•Atomic Email Hunter works in multithreaded mode: opens many pages at once using the advantages of a broadband Internet connection.
•Export functions

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