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Download Net Border call Analyzer 2.0

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NetBorder Call Analyzer is a patent-pending Call Progress Analysis engine that ensures fast and accurate automated call classification, even when reaching wireless phones, or systems with Color Ringback Tone. Improve the efficiency of your agents and make sure your customers interaction with your organization is of the highest caliber
Features of Net Border call
Best-in-industry accuracy and response time
With patent-pending algorithms, NetBorder Call Analyzer delivers the highest accuracy and fastest call delivery rates available for automated calling applications.
Optimized Detection
oConfigurable pre-connect tone detection
oPost-connect analysis
oEnd of Greeting
Resilient against different calling conditions
Statistical models used by NetBorder Call Analyzer are robust, regardless of background noise and network conditions.
Integrate via Standards-Based SIP
No proprietary Application Programming Interfaces. Support for both PSTN and VoIP networks.
Operate in a dynamic environment
Call progress confidence measures enable the system to adapt according to contact center operating conditions.
Streamlined tuning process The statistical approach eliminates the need for long and frequent tuning cycles of the call progress parame

How does it Work?
Traditional Call Progress Analysis implementations rely on simple rule-based algorithms, which provide sub-optimal accuracy of speed of processing, leading to significant inefficiencies in operations. Agents or expensive IVR resources can spend a lot of time waiting for the calls to be answered by an available customer or prospect. In a number of real-life campaigns, dialing applications often reach their target in less than 30% of the call attempts.

Call Analyzer's Call Progress Analysis engine is patent-pending technology that is built on statistical models that represent the potential outcomes of call attempts. The result is a virtual machine that learns the patterns of what constitutes a call attempt that result in a voice mail versus a live human versus a special intercept tone, etc. The Call Analyzer functions much like the human brain and is able to adapt to a wide variety of noise conditions, ringing patterns and telecom network conditions.

Outbound and proactive calling strategies have become very important as Contact Centers try to actively reach their customer base and prospects, improving customer satisfaction and retention as well as the overall performance of the resources at hand. The NetBorder Call Analyzer software provides the most accurate and resilient Call Progress Analysis engine, enabling fast and reliable real-time call classification and driving the efficiency and quality of automated calling applications to unmatched levels.

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