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Download PC Booster 4.0

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Automatically boost your system speed and not using adding new hardware. Boot-up and closedown at double the velocity, stabilize your PC and save youcrashes. PC Booster safely optimizes all aspects of your PC with one click: Tweak hidden System, Internet, Memory, hard drive, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, Desktop, and begin-up/Shut-down settings for max performance. No hardcore PC tweaking experience needed as all of these are done automatically.

Features of PC Booster
1.Clean up your system as well as improve efficiency: Improve system performance by cleaning out all missing, unwanted, obsolete and corrupt registry objects automatically with Registry Booster.
2.Repair your computer and make certain that is remains tuned: Significantly enhance your computing experience simply by repairing all registry issues and minimizing application seizures along with crashes.
3.Incredibly User friendly: Set in a remarkably intuitive, appealing, rational and user-friendly graphical user interface, Registry Booster, sets the standard regarding ease-of-use.
4.Boost System Stability as well as Efficiency: Even the newest of computers face the possibility of risk to errors and / or corruption – It will reduce problems and keep your personal computer stable and running at optimum efficiency.
5.More scanning options: As a result of improvements made to this PC boosters actual scanning engine you’re now able to scan for additional areas within the registry.
6.An Ignore list: This is quite an innovative feature and very helpful for those users who’re extra cautious with their registry. Simply by specifying the actual Registry area and path the user will have the ability to exclude registry components from the scan.
7.Log generation: Displays a log of all the tasks executed on the registry by a specific fix operation. Especially ideal for those users questioning what has been carried out to their registry.
8.Windows Vista Compatible: It is now fully Windows Vista and also 7 Compatible and can still be run on Windows Xp and 2000. The program automatically modifies itself in line with the version of one’s operating system so that you don’t need to configure any type of manual settings.
9.Safe and Trusted: Avert crashes, seizures, slowdowns along with error messages with the most reliable and most trusted solution from a major software supplier.

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