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Easy Method of Increasing Alexa Ranking

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What is Alexa Ranking?

First of all I want to give you a brief knowledge about the Alexa Ranking. Alexa is a company established in 1996 with a vision to create connection between web users and websites. By using its famous toolbar and further estimation, Later Alexa created a way to measure website traffic, page views and other factors by the visitors from anywhere. Alexa ranking is the rank of a website given according to the number of visitors who have visited your website with the Alexa toolbar installed and the better seo of the websites.

Method to Increase Alexa Ranking:
If you want to earn more through your website then it is very necessary to improve the alexa ranking of your website. The top ranked websites like Google, yahoo has an alexa ranking of 1 or 2.Here I am providing you some effective strategies to improve the alexa ranking of your website.

1. Install An Alexa Rank Widget To Your Website. Firstly,Install a widget on your website which will give you an immediate increase in rank.Only visitors with the toolbar installed are reflected in your traffic rank.
2. Install Toolbar of Alexa in Your Browser. This is another great way to increase your website’s traffic rank because all of your visits to your website will be affected in your rank. For added effect,you must set your website as your homepage.
3. Encourage Your Visitors and Friends to Install the Alexa Toolbar. If your visitors have toolbar installed in their computer,then your rank will be much more better.
4. Use Alexa Auto-Surfing Websites. It is helpful if your Alexa rank is extremely poor, but these websites will send visitors to your website that have the toolbar installed.
5. Stalk Webmasters. Many web developers are most likely to have installed the Alexa toolbar in their browsers. As a result, if you go to places on the internet such as discussion forums, tech blogs, can get them to visit your website. You should always ask the friends to give some feedback of your website.It is also a way to make them visit on your websites.
6. Post An Article About Alexa Rank. If you write an article on Alexa Rank,the traffic of your website can generate little bit. And most visitors will be people who are interested in increasing their Alexa rank. As a result, they are likely to have the toolbar installed. And this will improve your Alexa traffic rank.

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