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What's miniSipServer?
miniSipServer is a professional cross-platform VOIP server which can run on Windows system, such as Windows 200x/XP/Vista/Windows7, and Linux/Ubuntu system. miniSipServer is based on SIP standard which is an open standard supported by 3GPP and lots of VOIP manufacturers.

How to use miniSipServer?
Even you are new to VOIP, you will be able to setup a basic VOIP network with MSS immediately. In fact, you can do it in only 1 hour! Please refer to our online step by step document.
If you are familiar with VOIP network, you can find lots of exciting services supported by MSS.We provide lots of online services documents for you.
All trial versions have full features and can work for 30 days. Why not take a try and setup your own system now

Key features of "miniSipServer":
· It is very easy to install and manage VOIP system via GUI interface.
· Work well with lots of popular SIP hardware phones or softphones.
· Rich services can benefit your business, such as voice mail, ring groups, find me/follow me,etc.
· Employees can work anywhere and keep communication without any changes in configuration.
· Receive and make calls via the traditional telephone network (PSTN) using VOIP gateway.
· All configurations and data are stored in install directory;
· Support RFC3261 protocol which is a open standard and supported by mainstream carriers;
· Support monitor user’s state, such as register, alerting and talking, etc.
· Support external lines, can access into carrier network;
· Support CDR (Call Detail Record) ;
· Support system black list;
· Support STUN; Can be STUN server for NAT deployment;
· Support powerful dialing plan!
· Support flexible route.

Operating system:
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

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