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Download Video controller 5.0.2184.1

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Video controller which is used to generate and output images to a display. When referring to early machines, the card is sometimes referred to as a video controller or graphics controller, when the cards were typically integrated onto the motherboard itself.

Features of Video controller
-Play and Pause your opened YouTube videos without ever leaving your current tab.
-Playlists made simple! With simple navigation buttons you can control YouTube as if it was iTunes.
-Video Controller works with every tab in every window - no matter where that video is hiding!
-Change volume level or mute the video entirely.
-Restart the video and play it from the beginning.
-if no videos are open - Video Controller will link you automatically to YouTube so you won’t have to bother!
-Whenever you like you can always bring up your YouTube window with a click - and control it from there - Although we promise you won’t have to! :)
-Returning to your youtube tab is only one click away.

Operating system
Windows Me

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